Infographics, Interactive, Research, Web Apps

Roles Co-Designer, Lead Developer (2013)
Technologies Backbone, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Node.js

GeoSense was an open publishing platform for visualization, social sharing, and data analysis of geospatial data. It explores the power of data analysis through robust layering and highly customizable data visualization. GeoSense supports the simultaneous comparison and individual styling for multiple massive data sources showing geolocated points ranging from 10 thousand to tens of millions.

Current systems for geospatial data visualization demand that users have expert level knowledge, advanced technical capability, and design acumen to produce results. These inherent complexities prevent many users from uncovering deeper meaning or hidden narratives within geospatial data.

We suggest that geovisualization can be made more approachable while also leveraging collective intelligence from connected communities through shared data and analysis. To address this, we have built GeoSense. We provide a robust suite of tools for users who have little knowledge of the intricacies of GIS and are looking to better understand the spatial and temporal qualities of geospatial data. GeoSense proposes that design may be used as a lens to enhance human understanding and provide insight where new and provocative discoveries can be uncovered through visual analysis and shared cognition.