3D Printing, Touch, UX

Role Lead UX/UI Designer (2016)
Technologies C++, Embedded Linux, QML, Qt 5

The Form 2 is a highly advanced resin and laser-based 3D printer, released in 2015. It is equipped with a sizeable touchscreen for printer control. I was fortunate to be lead UX designer for this fascinating machine’s interface during the complete development cycle – from conception to prototyping to launch.

This was a highly challenging project, in that our engineers redesigned the previous model’s process from the ground up – and as far as the UI design was concerned, it was pretty much a moving target.

Working in parallel with mechanical, electrical, software and material engineers, constant iteration was more than a buzzword. We had to design solutions under ever-changing requirements. With an extensive beta testing program and the continuous integration of user feedback, we arrived at a product that successfully reconciles engineering requirements, user needs, as well as ease of use and aesthetics.