Samuel is a full-stack developer and trained designer with a focus on interactive systems. He holds a Master's degree from the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was a part of the Tangible Media Group. He also has a degree in Visual Communication, which he studied at the Basel School of Design and the Cooper Union in New York City. He has been producing applications and services for the web, mobile, as well as desktop systems for over a decade.

From initial concept to physical prototype to implementation, Sam's work includes responsive and beautiful interfaces, scalable backends able to process large datasets, native iOS applications, experimental ventures in HCI research and interactive mixed-reality installations with an artistic perspective

Sam has a love for MVC frameworks in various scripting languages and austere Swiss graphic design. He is an active free and open source software contributor, and he has taught both typography and web development workshops at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Technical Skills

10+ years experience in Object Oriented Programming and Scripting.
A lot of actual software development using Javascript (Node.js, Backbone.js), C++, Objective C, Python/Django, Ruby; as well as Assembly Language and Delphi in earlier days.

10+ years experience with Web Technologies and Web Application Development. In-depth knowledge of SQL as well as NoSQL (MongoDB) database programming. 

5+ years experience with electronics and hardware programming using popular platforms such as Arduino, openFrameworks, Processing etc.

Graduated Designer, well-trained in the areas of Print and Screen Typography, Digital Photography, Interaction Design, Image Editing, 3D and Motion Design.


English, full working proficiency. German (native speaker),
French, basic Spanish (both written and spoken).

Conferences, Awards


ACM SIGCHI Conference 2013
Paper Sublimate: State-Changing Virtual and Physical Rendering to Augment Interaction with Shape Displays with Leithinger et al.


ACM SIGCHI Conference 2012
Short paper: Point-and-Shoot Data with Lin, Rich, and Salzberg.


Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)'s 2012 International Conference, Boston 2011
Short paper «Self-Organized Design Education» with Kim, Lee, and Marwah.

SGV Swiss Graphic Design Association

DNS Award 2008, Main Laureate
«The talent advancement prize is awarded for research-focused projects and targeted at young designers in the field of Visual Communication. The prize carries a value of CHF 10,000.–»

ADC Germany

ADC Germany Junior Competition 2008, Winner Communication in Space
«The ADC Jury met on Oktober 24, 2008 in Munich. 55 jurors [...] had to judge 678 entries. From among the many good works they chose the ones that best meet the rigorous ADC rating criteria.»


:output competition 2008, Winner
«The biggest international competition for students in design. The works selected by the jury will be published in the yearbook :output.»