I am a designer and software developer with a focus on interactive systems. A graduate of the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts and former UX designer at the hardware company Formlabs, I am currently a Senior Interaction Designer at Google in Zürich. I'm formally trained in Visual Communication, which I studied at the Basel School of Design and the Cooper Union in New York City. I love making useful things, and I've designed software for the web, mobile, desktop systems, as well as room-scale installations.

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Some free software I've built


An open publishing platform for visualization, social sharing, and analysis of geospatial data.


A data transformation library to filter and convert JSON documents into other structured data, using simple meta descriptions.


A framework for storing and querying GeoJSON data with Node.js and Mongoose.

Django Persistent Messages

A library for unified and persistent user messages/notifications, built on top of Django's messages framework.

Django Media Tree

A Django app for managing your website's media files in a folder tree, and using them in your own applications.


An abstraction layer for MapReduce operations on numeric, temporal, and spatial data; enabling features such as numeric aggregation, time gridding, and geometric clustering.

Django Form Designer

A Django admin app with a GUI to create complex forms without any programming skills; complete with logging, validation, and redirects.

Recent Articles

Building and Deployment with gulp.js and Git

08 Mar 2016 in DevOps, Git, gulp.js

I really like Heroku’s deployment based on Git, but for my basic hosting needs I’m quite satisfied with a simpler web host. Can we deploy to a plain server with Git, including automatic building on the server using gulp.js?

Markdown Pictures with Custom Media Schemes

03 Mar 2016 in Markdown, Python

Simple and robust, Markdown is great for web content. But as a user, I don’t like to remember stuff like the URLs to my product pictures. To make things easier for everyone, let’s write a Markdown extension that looks up those pictures in a database.

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